Web Accelerator Software

To begin, please download the Quixnet Web Accelerator software by clicking on the appropriate link below.

PC (2.58MB)
Macintosh (1.56MB)

Note: The instructions provided below are for the PC installation of the web accelerator software. If you require assistance installing the Macintosh version of the web accelerator, please contact us.

If you are having problems with the accelerator after installation, please click here for help.

Close all web browsers, email programs and chat programs.

Save all open documents and close all open programs.

Disconnect from Quixnet and the internet completely.

Find the icon that you downloaded in the previous step and double-click it.
A wizard will start the installation process; click on "Next >" to continue.
It's best to allow the dialer to install in the recommended folder of "C:\Program Files\Turbo Plus Accelerator".

If you wish to change this, you may do so by clicking the "Browse..." button and then navigating to the folder of your choice.

Click "Next >" to proceed with the installation. This will copy all of the necessary installation files to the Destination Folder. See screen shot below.

Clicking "Cancel" will temrinate the installation.

The process of copying the files over does not typically take very long.

Click "Cancel" if you wish to stop the installation.

A successful installation will bring up the window to the left.

Click "Finish >" to continue.

Click "OK" to automatically restart the system.

If you need to save any documents or stop any other applications you may click "Cancel" and the restart the system manually when you're ready.

Using the Turbo Plus Accelerator

Once installed, Turbo Plus will be set to run automatically upon system startup.

The fact that it's running and the state that it's in can be determined by looking for its icon in the lower right corner of the screen (by the time):

Turbo Plus is running, but it's currently disconnected
Turbo Plus is running and currently in the process of connecting
Turbo Plus is running and currently has successfully connected

To gain access to Turbo Plus in order to change any settings you'll need to RIGHT click on the icon (regardless of the state Turbo Plus is in):


Start TurboPlus Accelerator will only be present if the service is not currently connected. Once connected, this menu item changes to Stop TurboPlus Accelerator.

Statistics brings up the connectivity and usage statistics. It also reports on the ratio of savings in data transfers.

Settings brings up an interface that allows fine tuning of Turbo Plus.

Pop-Up Blocker enables/disables this feature. Some fine tuning of the feature is available also.

Help invokes some diagnostics that will assist with connectivity


Statistics keeps a running total of the data that has been transmitted to and from your computer. At any time the "Reset" button can be used to clear out the current totals.

A breakdown of all of the statistics displayed is provided below:

Original Data Size of the original (uncompressed) data.
Actual Data Amount of compressed data that has been sent by SlipStream Web Accelerator.
Savings Ratio Factor of reduction in data. E.g. A savings ratio of 4.00 means that the actual data that has been sent is 1/4 the size of the original data due to compression.
Text-based Statistics regarding compression of text-based content.
Graphics Statistics regarding compression of graphical content.
Others Statistics regarding compression of content that is neither text nor graphical.
Upstream The total amount of original and compressed data uploaded.


The degree in which Turbo Plus can accelerate image downloads is controlled by the quality that you've chosen. The higher quality the setting, the slower the acceleration will be.

The levels of image quality vs acceleration are:

Image Quality Acceleration Level
Reduced Significantly Maximum
Reduced Slightly Extremely High
Good Very High
Very Good High
Excellent Medium
Original Minimum


Macromedia Flash

Macromedia Flash files can also be accelerated by checking this option. The degree of compression/speed savings is based upon the Image Quality Setting above.


Turbo Plus can also block the graphical advertisements that appears on various web pages (usually in the form of banners). This will help reduce the time it takes for web pages to load

Email Acceleration

To enable the acceleration features here, just place a check next to the services you'd like accelerated.

Proxy Exclusions allow you to bypass the acceleration for certain websites.

All websites listed in a proxy exclusion list will not be accelerated.

Do not use a proxy exclusion list

This instructs Turbo Plus not to bypass any websites.

Use browsers proxy exclusion settings

If a proxy exclusion list has been setup in your browser already you instruct Turbo Plus to use it also.

Specify a proxy exclusion list

You may manually enter any websites using this option. When entering them, make sure you separate each website with a semi colon (ie. www.yahoo.com; www.cnn.com)

Turbo Plus will inform you of any software updates that are available. If an update is available, the button in this section of Settings will be lit up.

If no updates are available you will not be able to click this button.


The Help menu has two options: Diagnostics and About

A simple connectivity test can be run by clicking the "Run Tests" button. If both of the entries in the window pass the test, green dots will appear next to them.

A detailed diagnostic report can be created by clicking the "Create Report" button.

When the report is ready it will be automatically copied to the clipboard.  From there you can paste the contents of the clipboard into a text document or email if need be.