Personal Webspace

Quixnet provides you with 10MB of storage space on the internet.

You must obtain an FTP program to upload files to your webspace. In the instructions below, we are using a free product called CORE FTP because of its relative ease of use. You can download it by clicking here. Click on the "Download Now" link and save it to your computer. Once it has finished downloading, double-click on the icon it made wherever you saved it and follow the prompts to install. Then come back and finish our guide to get you connected to your personal webspace.

  • If the program is not already open from the fresh install you just did, open it by clicking on its icon.
  • If this is the first time you are using the FTP program, you need to set up a place to send the files. If you have already set up your Quixnet account in the FTP program, continue to the next step
  • .
  • In Site Name put in My Quixnet Site.
  • Host/IP/URL needs to be
  • .
  • Username is your full email address.
  • Make sure there is NO check beside Anonymous.
  • All other check-boxes should remain the way they are.
  • Click Connect to connect to your webspace.
  • Once you connect, you'll see this window.
  • On the left are the files on your computer, and on the right are the files in your webspace. Use the drop-down in the left-side to change to the directory on your computer where the files are you want to put on your webspace.
  • You'll see that the right-side is blank in our example. This is becuase we have no files on our webspace yet.
  • Create a new folder in your webspace by cliking on the folder on the right-side.
  • A new window will come up asking you for a name for your folder. We'll call ours Pictures.

  • You'll see your new folder in the right-pane now.
  • Double click on it to open it and put files inside it. When you open a folder, the name of the folder you are currently in is listed above it.
  • To move things over to your webspace, simply click on the file you want to move over.
  • Once the file is highlighted, click on the arrow button in the left-pane to start the transfer.
  • You can watch the staus of the transfer in the little area under both panes.
  • Once the file shows up in the left-hand pane, your file has been put in your webspace and is available to download or view via a web browser.